'Turn Your Pain Into Power - A Hero Training Seminar'

Saturday, February 24th, 2018

9 am - 12 pm (Speakers)
12 pm - 1 pm (Option To Visit With Speakers And Audience Members)

The Capital Room @ Governor's Resturant / Fireside Inn 376 Main Street Waterville, Maine

Free Admission

Coffee & donuts / muffins will be available

The speaker list will be updated here

This event will be photographed and video-recorded. Pictures and video will be posted online.

We have room for 60 people!

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With Shawn Furey
Heroism Educator
Turn Your Pain Into Purpose. Turn Your Purpose Into Power. Turn Your Power Into Possibility.
David Rendall & Associates of The Freak Factory are sponsoring the up-coming hero training seminar ['Turn Your Pain Into Power'].
For more info on The Freak Factory visit:
http://www.drendall.comShawn getting ready to blast off like Iron Man at The Hero Round Table Conference in Brighton, Michigan 2015.Shawn talks about character development and social ecosystem management at The Hero Round Table Conference 2015.Shawn greets the crowd at The Hero Round Table Conference 2017Shawn presents a hero training to a group of Phd students at the world's first Heroism Science Conference [Perth, Australia 2016].
"When you begin to discover and act on your power to improve your world you begin to heroify your life!"
"Imagine a world where people acted like ordinary heroes everyday"
Daniel and Carrie Chavanne were credited with breaking up a shooting in the parking lot of a local business.Lois Dorr is a local educator who escaped from an abusive husband and went on to teach men who were convicted of domestic violence how to relate well with others.Elizabeth Bickford is a local school board member and former Student Of The Year at a local college. Elizabeth's story of overcoming opiate addiction is a great example of Joseph Campbell's 'hero's journey' story-structure concept.Melanie Beaulieu is a domestic violence advocate and feminist who teaches women that it's possible to overcome adverse life events and oppression.Mike Pickett is a canadian heroism educator and martial artist who writes a blog on how to unleash your inner superhero.